Eytys and their new VOID bag collection

The Stockholm-based Eytys crew has come pretty close to mastering the art of trainers with their already classic low-top Mother style and the high-top Odyssey version, so now they’re on to a new category. For the Fall/Winter 2015 season, Eytys founders Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld have graduated from footwear into bags, the holy grail of fashionable product design.

Void is a line of three bags: a backpack, a tote bag, and a document holder, with prices ranging from $130 to $300. Prelaunching this spring, the capsule collection is the result of designer Schiller’s own need for watertight luggage. “As I commute by boat between my home on an island in the Stockholm archipelago and the city, I need bags that are functional and water-resistant without making me look as though I’m geared up to go on a kayak hike,” he says from Eytys’ Parisian showroom. “It’s always been a ‘mission impossible’ to find a bag that is water-repellent and sleek, so we decided to develop our own line.” The bags are made in a factory that specializes in high-frequency welding: “It’s very high-tech—they usually make inflatable life rafts, kayaks, and army tents, but they didn’t have the right kind of material, so we had to develop our own fabric. It’s polyester-coated with matte black polyurethane and it’s completely water- and airtight.”

Eytys is in many ways a minimal brand. There’s no excess on the trainers. Void was born with very much the same agenda. “Function and a personal need is always the starting point, a mission to make stylish products we want to use ourselves. It’s the combination of the two that makes the line unique,” Schiller, a former Acne Studios employee, explains. Everything you see is there for a reason, no more and no less. And unisex—we’ve always believed men and women can act and look confident in the same way.”